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JakeLynn Cosmetics
L 22
Area of Focus
Small Business in the Digital Economy

Project Description:

My name is Shirl Strong, and this is my story. Alone and struggling to survive at the age of 14 is no place for a teenager, but I was there, grasping at survival. I never let my struggles define me, instead, I used them as foundation, a mold for success, and that's the driving force behind JakeLynn Cosmetics and Flawless Beauty. Using the stones that have been thrown, I've built the foundation of my business. Adopting the motto "Enhancing Beauty, Empowering Confidence," my goal is to not only build an empire in a small east KY town, but build confidence, hope and positivity in women nationwide. JakeLynn influence in beauty is but a small part of our goal. The ultimate goal is promoting confidence, empowerment, and drive among women of eastern KY and Appalachia as a whole, and to provide independent employment opportunities. Our plan for JakeLynn Cosmetics is to be small town proud and worldwide strong. Learn more at https://jakelynncosmetics.com/.